About Floor It & More

Floor It began as an exclusive flooring installation business and has serviced Bartlett, IL and the Northwest Suburbs for 15 years. Owner, Chad Kariolich, is second generation to the flooring and remodeling industry, developing his skills through a strong family background in the construction industry. Expanding to include a full-service remodeling division in the last 6 years, Floor It has remained successful in producing high-quality craftsmanship in residential and commercial markets.

Ethics Policy

As a remodeling service business, it is our responsibility to treat customers respectfully and fairly. We value quality workmanship, transparent pricing, and project confidentiality. Floor It’s ethical policy was implemented in order to provide guidance on ethical business issues that may transpire.

Honesty: We will not mislead customers in order to gain higher profits. Honesty is our priority when relaying product information and installation so the customer is not misled.

Quality: Job integrity must not be compromised and we strive to exceed industry standards. Our installation processes are dependent on our product knowledge and technique; we work hard to give the customer the best-finished product.

Transparency in Pricing: There are no hidden costs in our pricing. We believe the customer deserves to be informed and we do our best to communicate pricing break down.

Employer to Employee Relationship: Floor It does not expect employees to engage in any unsafe or unfit jobs that could compromise the well-being of the employee or job integrity in order to solely meet deadlines. We value employee opinion and also offers a competitive wage and the use of company vehicles and tools.

Respect to Others: Our employees will respect all regardless of their job title. Employees must also respect customers domain in which we provide services. Keeping in mind the different priorities of all.

Confidentiality: Customer information must remain confidential. We will not compromise and compare pricing in order to make a profit. We understand that each customer has different needs and should be treated accordingly.